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By clicking the “I Accept” box, I acknowledge that I have read, understood, agree and accept the following; By clicking “I Agree to Receive Messages” box I acknowledge that consent to receive solicited messages SLT Privacy Policy for SLT LYNKED Platform

(1) Applicability

This Policy is applicable for SME customers of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (SLT) who shall register for the SLT LYNKED Service (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Users’) to obtain the online video conferencing solution through the SLT LYNKED Platform (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Platform’) This Policy for the Users of SLT LYNKED Service (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Service’) is Supplementary to the Megaline (single/double/Triple Play) / FTTH (single/double/Triple Play) / LTE Single Play-voice (voice PAL / LTE broadband only /LTE double play CDMA(Pre & Post Paid) Agreements. This Policy shall be read together with the aforesaid telecommunication Service Agreement/s entered into between the parties for the existing connection and shall form a part and parcel of the said Agreement/s. The Users understand that the user’s personal data shall be entered in to the SLT system by the Users. As such Users shall be solely responsible for any submission or entry of inaccurate or incomplete data. Users, having read and having satisfied themselves of the Policy hereinafter recited continues to use or access the Portal and such continued access shall mean User’s consent to collect, store and process the User’s data. User’s data shall mean the information submitted by the User when setting up a SLT LYNKED Account under the Service, including name, email address, business name,telephone number etc (hereinafter reffered to as ‘User Data’). Process shall mean and include but not be limited to collect, store, preserve, alter, retrieve, disclose, transmit, align, combine or carry out logical or arithmetic operations. In the event the User is not satisfied with the privacy commitment under this Policy, User shall immediately discontinue the use of Service and/or access to this Portal and inform SLT via bizsolutions@slt.lk of User’s withdrawal of consent. This Policy shall be applicable for User Data collected upon entering of the same to the Platform/system by the User. Once the User Data is so received it may be processed or reused for the provision of the Service. Process shall mean and include but not be limited to collect, store, preserve, alter, retrieve, disclose, transmit, align, combine or carry out logical or arithmetic operations. Data is so processed for the purposes described in this Policy, including the Primary purposes of;  Segmentation base on the customer profile  Sending tailor messages to customers on products and Services And the Secondary purposes stated under Clause 5 of this Policy. The Users shall understand that the Users are not obliged to provide the personal User Data unless the Users wish to obtain the Services. The User has the option of withdrawing from the transaction the User is about to create via the Platform in the event the User does not wish to provide any User Data.

(2) SLT Obligations

SLT is committed to process User Data in a lawful manner with the consent of the User as the processing is necessary for the delivery of Services obtained or to be obtained by the User through the use of the Platform. The User Data will be collected and processed for the definitive purpose of providing the Service. SLT shall, upon a request of a User, take reasonable steps to provide the User an opportunity to rectify any inaccuracies in the collected processed User Data. Users shall understand that SLT shall retain the User Data only up to the period the same is necessary for the purpose they are being processed. For purpose of clarity SLT wishes to retain the user data for a period of three (03) years, from the collection, for the delivery of Services. In the event a User is interested in continuing the use of the Service/Platform, the User may re- submit fresh data after the said period. However, Users shall understand that SLT may store and retain data for archiving purposes entitled/obligatory under the law. SLT commits to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the User Data. SLT shall have access controls so as to prevent the unauthorized or unlawful processing of User Data or loss, destruction or damage of User Data. SLT will collect and process the User Data in a transparent manner ensuring the protection of rights of the Users morefully defined under the Section 03 of this Policy. SLT shall at all times ensure the rights of the Users. Further, the Users are hereby informed that the Users may contact SLT on 0112389389 or via bizsolutions@slt.com.lk for any matter regarding the collection and process of the User Data in delivering the Service.

(3) Rights of Users

Users are entitled to withdraw the consent given for the collection and processing of the User Data at any time. Such withdrawal of consent will not affect any lawful collection, processing or transaction created prior to such withdrawal. Further, the Users may request the erasure of the User Data. SLT shall be obliged/entitled to retain User Data without erasure or further processing as stated under Clause 4. The Users shall have the right to request SLT to provide a written confirmation within 3 weeks from the request on the User Data collected or processed by SLT from time to time. Such right of access to User Data shall not mean or construe any right of the User to access the premises or systems of SLT, but only to obtain confirmation and information of User Data on a hard or softcopy format. Users may request to rectify or complete any User Data which is either inaccurate or incomplete with legitimate proof of the same. Users shall have the right to request for a written confirmation from SLT whether the User’s request for rectification, completion, erasure or refraining from further processing would be granted or refused. This section shall be read with the ‘Rights of SLT’

(4) Rights of SLT

SLT may with the consent of the User, use the User Data collected or processed for any secondary purpose other than the purpose of delivering Services through the Portal. SLT may refuse to collect additional data which are not required for purpose of delivering of Services through the Portal or refuse to make any changes to the collected User Data unless legitimate proof is provided in the process of rectifying inaccurate or incomplete User Data. SLT shall be entitled to retain User Data without erasure or further processing in the event the same is required for evidentiary purposes or retention purposes under a written law or for a criminal investigation or judicial proceeding. SLT shall have the right to grant or refuse any request by the User for rectification, completion, erasure or refraining from further processing due to technical and operational feasibility of SLT to act on such request amongst any other reasons made available under any written law. However SLT shall inform the User of such decision of SLT. SLT reserves the right to impose any fees for grant of any requests made by the Users. SLT may use the User Data for a secondary purpose as stated under Clause 5.

(5) Using Data for secondary purpose

SLT is the sole owner of the information/ User Data collected through this Platform for the delivery of Service. SLT will not sell, share, or rent this information/ User Data to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this Policy. In the event the Users have given their free, specific, informed and unambiguous consent, SLT may use any telecommunication, electronic or any other similar means for the purpose of disseminating messages in writing, electronically, orally, pictorial or video forms through the Portal. SLT may use the User Data for the secondary purposes of delivering the services in a more useful manner with customized content; improve the quality of SLT services and develop new products and services; improve security by protecting against fraud and abuse to conduct analytics and measurement to understand how SLT services are used. information gathering for customer surveys digital Marketing Further SLT may combine User Data within SLT’s other services and across the devices of the User for these purposes. For example, depending on the account settings of the User, SLT may display its advertisements based on the information on User’s interests and innovations and new products of SLT. As a large ICT provider in Sri Lanka SLT continuously engage in research and development to provide a choicest service to the Users. Any such message will be considered a solicited message for direct marketing to promote SLT products or services or to promote any person, entity or organization. Each time a solicited message is sent the User will be given the option of opting-out of receiving solicited messages. Therefore any Users who shall wish to obtain such solicited messages shall signify their agreement for the collection and processing of the User Data for the said purpose by way of clicking to “I Agree to Receive Messages” box indicated on the Portal / registration form.

(6) Exceptions to this Policy

The laws of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka will supersede over this Policy. This Policy shall not be applicable in the event a User is redirected to another website/portal or a frame of another site or application which may have a link to the content on this Portal. SLT shall not be responsible for the privacy practices or content of those third parties or other sites and SLT encourage Users to read the privacy policies of such third parties or sites.

(7) Changes to this Privacy Policy

SLT may update this Policy from time to time in response to changes in legal, technical or business environment. Changes to this Policy will take effect immediately upon its posting on the Website/platform. User can check the latest update by checking the “last updated date and time” displayed at the top of this Privacy Policy.


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